Ever heard of "BINGORY"? It's kind of a mix between bingo, and memory, and it's kinda fun for the kiddos. I had made some valentines bingory boards a few days ago, and thanks to the awesome weather we're having right now, we had lots of time to play.

I was going to print out the cards and the matching game pieces with a cute paper backing, and it would probably be good to laminate it too. But, we didn't have time to do that, the girls were getting fiesty, and mean, and driving me crazy! So, excuse the unfinished games!:)

Even Lexie got the hang of it, and had fun. She even won the first game!

Everything is more fun when there's candy involved too.

Please excuse the fact that we were all in our pajamas. We didn't leave the house today at all...you know, serious weather conditions. There was supposed to be snow, but all we got was ice...super fun for kids expecting to wake up to snow.

It's pretty simple to play. You cut out enough pieces to that you have one match for every piece on very kids game board. Does that make sense? If you have 4 kids playing, you'll need matching pieces for every one of their games. Then when they pick a card, they put a candy on the matching picture on their board. 
Simple as that, the first one to get four in a row wins!

 I only made 4 different boards, but the great thing about this game is that everyone could have the same board if you wanted them too. Because it all depends on what card they pick, it doesn't matter if their boards all match!

If you want to play bingory, go here for the free download!

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